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Make a simple article about yourself at least 2 paragraphs

Hello my friends..

                   I want to introduce myself to you, My name is Yudha Qirana Meka but you can call me Yudha, because yudha is my nickname. I was born in Jakarta on May 1993 and I’m eighteen years old. I live in Candu on Jl. Raya PLP KM 4 No. 39, It’s very far from my campus. my hobby is listening music and i like pop music because pop music make my feeling comfortably to enjoy it.

                   My background school is when I elementary school I school at SDN Curug Kulon 2, and when junior high school I choose junior high school of Dirghantara Curug because the location is near from my house and the school has a good quality. After graduated from junior high school I choose vocational high school of Yuppentek 2 Curug, in over there I choose Software Engineering, i think software engineering is my world because I like web design and I know how to operate it. after I graduated from smk I went to college at raharja because raharja is the best college in the field of information technology, where I majored in Creative and Inovative Communication Technology (CCIT), why I choose this majored because I want to continue my abilities I had learned in the vocational school that is about the system computer and also because i wanted to be a programmer. I hope that after graduating from college I can become a programmer because I was pretty confident with my skills.

Thanks for your attention..

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