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My Dairy in the First Meeting – About Photosynthesis

Today, on February 20, 2012 in which the day was the first course of two semesters, On the first day of this lesson is English For IT II, in which the course are taught by Miss Dwi Sloria, who also teaches the same lesson in semester 1. Before the start of the lesson Miss Sloria give us intructions to download the lesson on RME.

At this first meeting to discuss the lessons of Photosynthesis, which was once I learned when junior high school and vocational high school.But difference at all in discussing this opportunity to use english. This of course makes me a little confused, but to be able to discuss it together then Miss Sloria told us to make a group of four people whose job is to find the main idea in each paragraph of the material. At the timeI was with a group of Surya, Reza and Narendra.

When finished it so Miss Sloria give a question of main idea of Photosyntesis, in my opinion the discussion is very interesting because the explanations given so clear and easy to understand how the process of Photosyntesis occours.

This is an explanation of the process of photosynthesis : is a biochemical process in the formation of carbohydrate food substances made by plants,especially plants that contain chlorophyll leaf or klorofil.proses photosynthesis is the opposite process to the process of respiration if the respiration requires oxygen andrelease carbon dioxide, it is the reverse of photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide andrelease oxygen.

  • the process of photosynthesis produces glucose and oxygen
  • here is a summary chemical equation for photosyntesis

6CO2 + 6H2O – C6H12O6 + 6O2

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